Feedback /Reviews

I am so blessed in some of the wonderful feedback, emails and comments I have received from my customers! With Etsy's recent page changes, there is really no good place to direct someone who would like to read any helpful feedback or reviews of my products. So I've set up a page on my blog for just that purpose! All comments posted here are verbatim as I received them. Names and Etsy IDs have been withheld for privacy reasons, but you can find them in the feedback section of my shop! If you'd like to post a comment, please let me know!!

Independent Reviews
The Lost Girls World - Travel Blog

Fabric Travel Clutches
"i love my new clutch! i'm using it as a wallet and it really holds a lot of stuff. it's also very well-made. plus, almost every time i pull it out to pay for something, i get compliments on my lovely wallet." 8-19-10

"hello -i just wanted to let you know that the travel clutch i bought from you a few months ago is fantastic!!! i took it to europe, didn't lose my boarding pass, or my passport, kept my "justin casey" credit card in there and had a wonderful stress free time going through all the airports. i forgot about the space for postits - i read back through my thank you note to you when it arrived and i was stoked it had a postit note spot and forgot! i'm off to vietnam for a week soon, so i'm going to use it again. thanks heaps!! " Rcvd via email 8-13-10

"I love this travel clutch, I've been looking for something to have my passport my tickets and my ID for a while and was really happy to find this amazing travel clutch on esty. It fits in my purse and it's not one of those lame around the neck ones. Love the pattern, can't wait to use it for my trip in August! Thanks owlsay" 7-28-10

"I received the clutch today and LOVE it. Beautiful fabric, meticulous construction, and small person touches - these things all made the clutch especially unique. I would definitely come back again!" 7-20-10

Portfolio Clutches
"I just got my clutch and it's absolutely perfect! The clutch's are handmade to order to so they take a little longer to ship. It says to allow 7-10 days for them to be made, and I received my product in exactly 2 weeks so it was actually fast shipping considering they are handmade to order. Owner was extremely helpful and replied quick. The clutch is better than what I expected. Owner threw in a bottle opener and coupon as well! I'm more than happy with my purchase, and I will DEFINITELY be buying from this shop again. Thank you!" 8-9-10

"Beautiful! This is defiantly one of the best things I have ever bought on etsy! Nicely made and perfect to help keep me organized =) " 7-14-10

Luggage Tags
"These are adorable! Thank you for the speedy shipping; I'm looking forward to using them on my upcoming trip. I couldn't be more pleased." 8-2-10

"On my suitacases as we speak. Will make identifying them a lot easier! Great product." 7-8-10

Passport Covers
 "Sooper cute!!! Just what my passport needed!" 8-15-10

"Arrived quickly. Perfect fit for my passport and has a good quality plastic cover."  8-13-10

"The passport covers are so cute!! Now our passports will be easy to find when I'm digging through my purse in the customs line." 8-13-10

Checkbook Covers
"I love my new checkbook cover..and owlsay was so quick in getting it to me. My old cover had ripped in half and I loved the quality, quickness and cover options." 8-19-10

"Gorgeous. Will enjoy having this in my purse. Looks great. Very sturdy also." 7-8-10

Zip Pouches
"Love the little pouches, they're perfect for holding little items in my purse!" 7-11-10

"I am so happy with these! I got them so quickly and they look great! They are exactly what I was hoping for when I started shopping for make-up bags for my bridesmaids. I know they'll like them!" 7-11-10

Card Cases/Mini-Wallets

"I LOVE my mini wallet! It's so handy! The packaging was very cute too =)" 8-17-10