Monday, August 5, 2013

Digital Versus Real Embroidery

I have dozens and dozens of embroidery designs available and dozens of colors to embroider each design. Having all of that choice is great, but for a small shop like me, it's hard to convey to my customers how much choice they have and be able to show all the designs available on a bag. To help me accomplish this, I use a special embroidery software that allows me to change the colors of the thread, change the size of the embroidery and even digitize a custom logo or picture into an embroidery.

This same software also allows me to take a stock photo of a bag and place the embroidery design over the bag so the customer can see what the image would look like on the bag. Because I am a small shop, I can't really afford to actually embroider 100+ bags and have them sitting around as inventory waiting for a customer to love them and buy them. Especially considering a customer can choose from 16 different thread colors on so many of my embroidery design choices. So I have used this method to list a few dozen bags - essentially with the 'picture' of the embroidery over a specified bag. The only problem with this, is the picture of the embroidery in my digitizing software does not look as good as the actual embroidery. In fact, the actual embroidery is SO much more beautiful and vibrant. The colors are richer and bolder.

I thought it would be a good idea to list some examples of embroidery software vs actual embroidery so my customers can see how AMAZING the actual product is that they will be receiving.

Here's one of the best examples:

Actual embroidery (left) VS Digital Software Embroidery (right)

The digital software version is on the right and the actual embroidery is on the left. Not only does the design look slightly smaller on the right, but the colors of the birds look dull and dark. The black of the cages doesn't really pop like it does on the actual embroidery. It's a big difference! 

Embroidery Software (left) VS Actual Embroidery (right)
Here are 3 more examples. The biggest eye-catching difference to me is the Police Box - the royal blue of the box on the actual embroidery is SO amazing. Take a look at the Zombie Kitty - the placement is different on the actual embroidery because the bag was different from the stock photo bag, but the green of the kitty is so much brighter! Also take a look at the Bookworm - you can hardly see the word 'Bookworm' on the left, but the in actual embroidery it is very visible! 

Here's a good example of why I can't embroider every bag before I list it. This Wordy Bird design is very popular and you can choose from 16 thread color options. 
Embroidery Software (left) VS Actual Embroidery (middle and right)
The left version is showing black thread with the embroidery software. The next two are actual embroideries with Hunter Green and Rouge thread. See how much more weight the actual embroidery carries? And these colors didn't translate well visually in the embroidery software (which is why I always stick with black) but they look beautiful here. 

It has always been important to me for my customers to have lots of choices and options when buying from me. I think that's pretty evident in almost all the products I offer at Owl Say Designs. I'm hoping this post helps explain that the embroider designs you see on my bag listing are not at all bland! They are beautiful and vibrant and so very unique! 

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