Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ponytail Holders - Limited Time Only

Sometimes I can't help myself. When I was buying magnet parts for my Button Machine a few weeks ago to  make samples for The Little Black Box, I came across a new way to use my Button Machine - to make Ponytail Holders.  

So, right or wrong, most of my day is spent with my hair in a ponytail. This goes for pre-momhood too, by the way. It's just my thing. If you'd like to sign me up for What Not to Wear so I can get a free $5000 new wardrobe because I'm addicted to the ponytail, please feel free. $5K can buy some really snazzy ponytail holders and hair clips!!

I'm thinking these will just be a limited edition in my shop. They are a  really cute idea, but I only purchased about 25 or so to make. I can, of course, purchase more if they start flying off the shelf. For now, I have a few listed and as usual in my shop, you can have one made from any fabric or paper you see listed.

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