Monday, August 2, 2010

Birthday Business

Last Friday was my birthday and it definitely ranks as one of my favorites! We had a dinner party with our family and friends at La Madeline, my favorite restaurant. They have a party room we reserved which was awesome! It was quiet and away from the other customers so we could all hear each other, take our time and pretty much do our own thing. I have some very sweet friends and family and I'm so glad I was able to spend some down time with them. Even A behaved :)  Of course, I think he thought the birthday business was all about him for a bit there, but what three year old wouldn't?

I have to share my favorite gifts if for no other reason than to highlight how much my family loves me!  My husband knew I'd been wanting a new bike for a long time. Actually, a very long time. But with A, bike riding during the day wouldn't really be feasible w/o some sort of toddler transport. Enter, a new bike trailer too! Yay! He actually let me pick out my bike, so we finally settled on this Schwinn from Target:
 Mine is more of a light purple rather than blue. I actually wouldn't have been too picky about the color either way.  And here is our new bike trailer.

Ok, so A isn't a lightweight. He started out at 10lbs 7oz (and that at 3-1/2wks early!) so, you know, they only go up from there. He's not overweight, he's just a big kid. He's up to about 50lbs right now and he rides very comfortably back there! I love that is has the mesh screen so he doesn't get eaten up by mosquitoes while we ride!

Last night we all went for a ride around our neighborhood. We stopped back at our house about halfway through so we make adjustments to the seat and height. I know it's still new, but I was amazed that he actually stayed back there w/o trying to get out or whining to get out. Anyway, this is so exciting for me!! A and I use to walk to the post office every day but A, in his opinion, got 'too old' for the jogging stroller and he'd fight me to get out the whole way there. So then we'd both just walk, but on the way home he'd get tired, so I'd end up carrying him piggy-back style the rest of the way home. Let's just say pulling a 50lb child in a bike trailer in a lower gear is SO much easier than carrying him! So, once it cools off a bit, we'll be able to ride to the post office in style. The packages can either sit in the trailer with him or I may get a pannier of some sort if I'm not convinced he'll leave them alone on our trek there!

My in-laws gave me a Flip Mino HD camera as my birthday present. I swear, if it hadn't been over 100 degrees, it would have felt like Christmas. I've wanted a Flip camera since A was born so I could email video quips of all his funniness to my family. I've just charged it and I'm still learning how to use it, but it seems pretty easy. I'm trying to video A singing 'My Ho, My Ho' (Hi-ho, hi-ho) so I can send that to my family!

I'm so blessed to have such a thoughtful, amazing husband and sweet friends and family!!

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