Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My New Home

Ok, well, it's more like an new 'online' home. One of my goals for OSD this year was to create a new blog and, well, use it. I imported the posts from my old blog thetatteredtapestery.blogspot.com and deleted that blog. I had a hard enough time keeping up with that one, I certainly couldn't keep up with two!

I'm also planning on creating a Facebook fan page where I'll announce special weekend and holiday deals just for my Facebook fans. Everybody's doing it, so why shouldn't we right? And even though OSD has pretty low prices from the starting gate, I think people who love my store enough to actually sign up for my fan page and/or blog should get some pretty slammin' good deals. Especially during the holidays, don't you?

This blog may take on a few new looks. My sister-in-law (my, amazingly talented SIL, that is) is creating a new Etsy package for me. I've seen the sneak peek and I just about peed my pants with joy it's so cute!!! God has blessed that girl with some mad skills and I'm so glad she's putting them to good use! The logo above was her design, BTW. Anyway, I may change the banner and add my gadgets to the sidebars. We'll just see how it goes. That all depends on how much computer time I can get w/o interruptions from my delightful 2-1/2yr old.

One of the goals for this blog is to, hopefully, highlight some of the awesome sellers I feel are overlooked by Etsy. So, I'll be adding my favorites as time goes on. I know it's not exactly a new idea, but I wanted to contribute what I could to help others like me who have cute little shops that need all the attention they can get.

And, for anyone who is interested, I am clearing out all the large bookmarks, some small bookmarks, and a few Checkbook, Passport and Card Case patterns. I need to make room for some new designs and I hate for anything to go to waste! You can check those out here:

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